Monday, December 1, 2008

jupiter, venus, the moon o my

Green Panda wishes to thank folks involved in Sixteen Floors Above the Ground: a Benefit for the Sudanese Lost Boys of Cleveland, which went down November 22, 2008 at The Lit in my town. poets, artists, businesses and orgs drew together grass-roots to raise awareness about some cats ekeing it out in Browns town, having survived crocs and genocide in their native Sudan. we raised a pretty penny they can throw towards citizenship and education. it may have been some attendees' first poetry sit-down. there was song and response, & Catholic nuns mixing with Buk fans, over art and xmas ales. here was an example of what community means.

i wrote this poem for the occasion,

Think fondly of Eachother
This is what we are

Also know we are alone together
And will die the same

in the cooler
of the mind,
the elevators
corridors and yes the
sole stairwalker
even now he whistles
thinking fondly of eachother

A leaf drags along the ground for miles


A cricket intermittently makes an announcement


What it is we share
When we mow each our own

When we type for one

When we meet the mailman
At the door it is in unison

Turn madness into roars
Of joking with eachother
Tears paper thin the walls of
Anger at eachother like
Birthday cakes and chicken
With butter for eachother
For this is what we are