Saturday, December 20, 2008

Yahoo Offers Some Trifling Headlines, Right?

The Most Likely Reason For That Gondola Accident.
The Reason Women Sometimes Leave A Faucets Sharp Hairs On
Cold Clean PorceLain
I Lain I Lain Eye Lane:

It Were The Car Wheels,

Or Brakes Squeaking,
Was It Every Car In The Area
Squeaked The Stops
My Nightwalk?

Squeaking Kept Bringenening Me Back To,
And I Waking Still Walking.

It Was Inferred That Green Moon Ringing Lids Orange A While.
There Had Been The Suggestion Of A Buckling Beneath That
Ladyskirt, Worn For Days.

A Big Green Bus Barrelled Thru Almost Into Me And Thank God
For All The Ice He Didn’t Slide.

There Went The Absence Of Sqeaking.

The Stockings Net Unshimmied A Hot Leg While The Lady Skirted Steaks.
A Man Handed Thru His Peppered Locks, & Sat To Reopen A Moot Letter Instead.
There Were Reactions Mixed To The Beat-On, Paralyzed Woman
Who Sued Her Ruscuer,
And Them Were Mixed Like A
Coffin In A Dam.

True I Walked Once In A Dam Surrounded
By The Buried. The Same Gondola Was Pried Open
I Imagine, The Night I Avoided Helicopter Beams
By Running To The Next Good Shadow, Beside The
Next Big Carved Granite Hunkola.
Someone Fell Out Of A Boat, And Now We Are All
Supposed To Consider The Consequences Before
We Go Fish.