Thursday, January 22, 2009

New Book Who's Handling Your Aubergines by George Wallace

Green Panda Announces George Wallace's new book: Who's Handling Your Aubergines. Mr. Wallace writes such evocative poetry, i often have physical reactions. my head tics, i shrink against the couch. i smile, i think "yes!" and "yes!" some more. if u are unfamiliar, perhaps u have read Whitman or Ginsberg. these guys wld be inspired, i bet, by reading or hearing George Wallace poems.

Wallace came to Cleveland for Kenneth Patchen Fest in 2007. there he befriended several locals, and had a chance to meet poets Charles Potts, and Tom Kryss; folks he got right along with. Then he performed among others, his Big America poem to a gushing audience at Fest Ecstatique, in Norhtampton, MA later that year. Soon, this late Spring, in fact, he returns to Cleve for "tres versing the panda: 3 days of poetry soiree," may 8, 9, &10.

you can get acquainted with his work by purchasing Who's Handling, and be sure to come and see Wallace and twenty-some other fine pandarizin' poets give it to the man and woman in the fisted form of live words. o, he can style it babies.

get it at abe:
or mailing me $6.00, cheap and MAD.