Saturday, January 17, 2009

was chicken trax movements

so this week i made the last chops and flourishes
on the forthcoming book "was chicken trax amid sparrows tread:
poems and one long movement by Bree".

special thanks to Adam Brodsky, who has lain the pages and
designed the look inside. Jim Lang gave great photo to the
front cover of the book, and Brian Bodnar shot me and some
toilet paper rolls for the back cover.

the book is 20 poems on Winter, Cleveland, and the intimation
of nature where man has took over, or weather has blanketed
green life. they are on lifting the blanket, or knowing what's
beneath without fingering.

then you got a fairly long non-fic about my ass bleeding,
and me growing up finally. in it i get health insurance for the
first time in my adult life, and flash back on docs growing up,
and on strange relations with teachers and camp counselors.
auto-bio by the by o there are some correlating poems
to follow.

Temple Books of Walla Walla, WA is the kind folks to put this
baby into hands of readers. they want ten bucks for it, 132 pages,
perfect-bound as your mother in her apron.
stay tuned, not quite sure which month it comes.