Friday, November 13, 2009

Update Sleeping With the Sun In His Eyes Update

Sleeping With the Sun In His Eyes: A Lost Boy At Home In the Worldby Akol Ayii Madut & Bree is ready for the printer and only thanks to you. Many people preordered the book, and a good number donated $35 dollars or more as special patrons, so almost half of the printing fees were raised together. Yahoo! And now but for a few hitches the book can be made and in hand by sometime January. The goal was to release the book, a tale woven of Sudanese history, the personal story of the Sudanese Lost Boy Akol, and my own ramblings as he and I worked this project to fruition, by January 1st because that is the birthday so many Lost Boys were assigned when they came to live as citizens in America. I don't know that this release date is possible, but I am happy to say its "in the works".

so I'll say it again It's in the Works!!!

While it is too late to be a special patron and land your name on the acknowledgements page, we are still taking preorders. If you want a copy they are 15 dollars each and three additional dollars to ship (covers up to three books). All forms of payment are accepted so send a check, cash or credit card number (with expiry) to Green Panda Press 3174 Berkshire Road Cleveland Heights OH 44118 or email with any inquiry.
Include shipping address and email with your order.

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