Saturday, February 20, 2010

to my friends

good news on the health front--

i am to receive long-awaited botox injections
in my neck to ward off future migraines on March 25.
they are known to completely stop migraines for
a minimum of one month, and then after the
headaches are known to come on with less
frequency and more mildly, and responding to the
medicine much better. so, less rough months are ahead.

apologies to you know who you are, as
i have been less inclined to be in communique
and uninclined to staple and fold the last year
almost, but i haven't once not missed poetry--
going to reads, mingling with my homies, etc.
i've missed you cleve.

o, and on the roster for 2010 --"a hipster's
guide to your first year of migraines"
by Bree zlee Bodnar.

i've pocketed a trick or two when it comes
to insurance, docs, meds, remedies.

chapter one: no ice for your cold compress?
break up some icicles that hang outside yo house.

put in bag, place on head, say 'thank you amen'.