Friday, August 19, 2011


Sometimes a Stoner

There are people who
buy beautiful plants
& forget to water them;

end up with a lot of pot.

Touring Chapel Hill

The ant moves quickly
wherever he goes.

Unlike my husband.

Unlike any shopper at
the Southern Season where
everything you don't
need is on sale and
you still don't want it.

Hot (Painted)

sounds crazy but i like yore heat
Channel 5 calls oppressive, FOX News
says it is 'dangerous'
but i sit in you, get hot
as hot
can and
wait (ever)still
for yore breeze which comes
on and coats, evens me.

An Eternity at Target

I know how to find my husband.

Listen for his cough, unlike

Look for the first slow gait,
up the aisles
be damned, but if it ain't
him already, looking for me
(and proud) of his one-off

me checking out
those same old begs a pardon,

but has he been holding on
to them smile the whole
time there eyes.