Wednesday, February 25, 2009

ultra flattery from blogtastic burroughs

ultraflattery here, from John Burroughs, aka Jesus Crisis.
fills me with envy, actually: his shot of pandas, many of which i don't have, and havn't seen in yrs!

speaking of flattery (i just learned how to insert a link, so i'm inserting two birds with a stone),
i have begun a blog effitsundy which will display facets of so called 'underground', or small press poets who write and publish under the radar.

also, from the cat house rjs, aka god zero has got web-savvy and created this site to share his insights on the economy, over-population, the rapidly depleting ozone and ever-widening gap between other words, his pets. check-it!

ok, all the links i had up my sleeve. for now.