Tuesday, September 7, 2010

the only way

the only way id do that is if
nothing in my life mattered

like heroin, you only try that
if nothing in yr life matters
u might let somebody ugly
suck yr cock, if nothing
in your life mattered
you could walk out on
the job, wife, comedian
if nothing mattered

you would forgo butter,
tipping the waitress,
why fortify the buttress?
why change the oil on
the Cutlass?

why not fuck over a good one?
an open hearted?
make fun of his comfyest shirt and then
remove it. shake it like a
tablecloth, at a family picnic.
then wrap it round yr own neck
and stomp out.

if nothing in yr life mattered
you might take a hundred
million bucks over ever
lasting life, maybe.

it would be a hundred
million bucks well spent,
knowing you.