Tuesday, October 5, 2010

teacher, thing of beauty song

teacher, thing of beauty

what i hear i cant remember,
what i see i'll soon forget.
when you show me with your hands
like that, you know ill never quit!

because to learn is a thing of beauty.
once you know, it becomes your duty
to do a thing right, every time,
please,do it quick!

oh, do it quick.

because to learn is a genuine diamond,
with a hardness i'm finding
hard to resist!

with my hands in a fist i can't take your
gifts, o teacher, wont you school me?

please, don't be cruel to me,
so much is new to me,
all i know's what i see

i can't remember.
what i hear i might forget.
when you do what you do
with your hands, you might
find i'm not so thick.

because to learn is a thing of beauty,
and you're it it it it it.